Why You Should Trust Paul with Your Vote

Paul King is a man who is respected by neighbors throughout Rockaway and respected by peers around the globe in his profession. What are the qualities that will make Paul a great representative in Congress for the people of New York CD5?

Paul Believes in American Ideals

Our country is not perfect but we should always be striving toward a more perfect union. America’s founding principles – liberty, equality, justice, opportunity – must always be the driving force of the nation and our people’s prosperity. When our country falls short of its ideals, we must rally together to root out injustice – not tear ourselves apart.


Paul is a Professional Problem Solver

Paul solves problems for a living. For almost 30 years, his company has helped hundreds of government agencies, universities and corporate clients achieve important goals. Many people complain that the “system is broken” but few have experience finding and resolving the root causes of systemic problems. Unlike politicians who throw buckets of money at symptoms, Paul will work with others to achieve long-lasting solutions that cut off the “fuel that feeds the fire.”

Paul is a Leader Who Brings People Together

Society loves heroes and superheroes but long-lasting solutions are almost always the result of good teamwork. In our fractured political culture, people rarely cross party or ethnic lines to find common ground. Throughout his career, Paul has helped people with different experiences and different priorities work together. As Ronald Reagan said, “There is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don’t care who gets the credit.”


Paul is a Voice of Reason

In a time where too many people are encouraged to believe their “own truth” or only support ideas from their own tribe, Paul remains committed to the actual truth – good or bad. His training in journalism and computer science helps him maintain objectivity, even when disagreements get emotional. This enables Paul to help people with competing agendas commit to win-win solutions.

Paul is a Regular American

Paul was raised in a working-class family and attended NYC public schools. He maintained roots in his home community, moving his business to Rockaway Park and staying connected with his local friends, church and civic organizations.  He understands the struggles of everyday Americans because he lives them – unlike career politicians who spend decades inside the DC bubble.


Paul is a Man of Integrity

Paul holds himself to the high standards taught by his parents. He is honest. He rejects blind partisanship and treats all people with respect. He owns his mistakes and does not vilify others for human error. The respect Paul receives from peers, employees, clients, friends and neighbors, civic leaders and former students is a result of his commitment to the golden rule.

Paul Will Work Tirelessly for Our District and Our Country

Paul lives the work ethic that was passed down by his parents and grandparents. The long hours he dedicates to business commitments, civic meetings and youth sports will be channeled to execute his plans to make sure the American dream is available to every American.

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Who Is Paul King?

Paul King is a lifelong New Yorker who has lived on the Rockaway Peninsula for 50 years. Through his family and neighbors, Paul has seen how the American Dream works for everyday Americans when education, faith, family, opportunity and hard work come together.

Read Paul’s life story to understand what shaped his values and his commitment to his fellow Americans.