Foreign Threats

China flagToday, our country is plagued by foreign policy mistakes from the 1990s. In hindsight, we got it wrong on Russia, al Qaeda and China. The latter was our worst miscalculation. We believed opening business and cultural doors to China would allow our liberal and free-market ideas to flow in, thereby transforming an authoritarian regime. The opposite is happening. China’s illiberalism is flowing out into the free world and the CCP is using capitalist profits to corrupt nations around the globe.

Here in SE Queens, China’s actions impact economic advancement.  Their ability to use low-cost (and sometimes no-cost labor) drives manufacturing jobs overseas and depresses wages at home.

Elsewhere, it is critical the US maintain healthy alliances with countries throughout the globe (England, Israel, Kenya, India, Australia, etc.) that share our values and democratic ideals. This will foster stability, economic growth and help counter potential aggressors.