Climate Change and Sea Level Rise

beachIt is indisputable that global temperatures and sea levels are rising. While good scientists can disagree over how much impact human activity has on these phenomena, it is logical for humans to both reduce potentially harmful activities and research solutions that would remove greenhouse gases from our atmosphere. The second strategy is an essential “moonshot.”

The first strategy is a leap of faith. However, it is a leap worth making if every industrial country makes an equal effort. It is pointless for the United States to take radical action if China, India, etc. continue to pollute at current or increasing rates.  Such feel-good strategies are not supported by science. They would devastate our economy without saving the planet. Instead of forcing a destined-to-fail energy revolution, the United States should transition smartly by expanding our medium-term energy mix to include nuclear and more cleanly sourced natural gas.

Turning the tide on climate change will take decades.  In the meantime, it is only prudent we transition smartly to a lower-emissions economy and continue to invest in projects that will protect our coastal infrastructure against title flooding and storm surges.